U.S. Food Company Recalls Hot Dog Products Due To Contamination; No Reported Injury & Damage So Far

By Carie P. | May 23, 2017 04:44 PM EDT

Latest reports were telling that a certain food company in the U.S. has decided to recall more than 200,000 pounds of its hot dog products due to contamination of extraneous and metal substances. This report was confirmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Services or the FSIS.

According to these reports, John Morrell & Co. has decided to recall some 210, 606 pounds of its hot dog products after it has been found out that they are actually contaminated with extraneous materials. Apart from this, it was also discovered that the products also contain metals which are harmful when mixed with the human blood.

Boston 25 News also reported that the said hot dogs were manufactured on January 26 with Use By Date of August 19, 2017. These hot dogs are sealed with 14 oz. of film packages which contain "Nathan's Skinless 8 Beef Franks". Apart from this, the hot dogs which have a Use By Date of June 15, 2017, are believed to be contaminated also since they are also sealed with film packaging containing "Curtis BEEF MASTER Beef Franks".

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Prior to the recall of the said products, the said U.S. agency mentioned that the hot dogs were already delivered and endorsed to the retail shops and outlets. Therefore, MSN claimed that the contamination was only discovered when the agency received complaints about the presence of metal objects in the said products.

It can be recalled that this is not the first time some food companies were asked to recall some of its products. Some reports claimed that even food babies were recalled by one U.S. food firm because of some harmful contents. Apart from this, some dog foods were also recalled from stores and groceries because of substances detrimental for the dogs.

Meanwhile, it is the task of the FSIS to inspect every food product which any food company in the U.S. manufactures then sells to the public. It is then their responsibility to make sure that the products offered are labeled and packaged properly.

Apart from hot dogs, John Morrell & Co. also offers products that include ham, sausages, bacon, and lunch meat. So far, FSIS reported that no one has been harmed as a result of the contamination in the hot dogs products.

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