Cybersecurity Experts See Matches Between ‘WannaCry Ransomware’ Attack, North Korea Hacks

By Carie P. | May 16, 2017 07:47 PM EDT

The "WannaCry Ransomware" threat has caused big problems in most offices and organizations in some countries in the past week. But lately, some cybersecurity experts were able to determine the origin of this and they said that this is the same with the North Korea hack.

Reports were rife that the said virus affected the transactions and operations of most businesses and institutions like hospitals and even government agencies. The "WannaCry Ransomware" threat hit last Friday and some said that the target continents were Europe and Asia.

According to The Washington Post, a group of hackers was behind the "WannaCry Ransomware" and they worked by hiding and getting all the files of one person from his computer. That person can only retrieve the files by getting the encryption key from the group. However, the person needs to pay a required amount in exchange for the encryption key.

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As this started infecting computers the previous week, some said that the target continents were Europe and Asia. Last Monday, the start of the working week, employees were already worried that the virus had infected the files in their offices. However, before the spread of this threat, some cybersecurity experts were quick to detect the origin as well as the composition of the "WannaCry Ransomware".

With that, Los Angeles Times reported that when they checked the origin, they likewise claimed that some of the codes that were used to develop this were the same codes that were utilized with Sony Pictures hack. Due to this conclusion, it was also reported that the hackers were somewhat connected to North Korea.

It can be recalled that with the spread of the "WannaCry Ransomware" virus North Korea is currently experiencing tension because of its missile testing-launch. Some countries, most especially the U.S. has been devising ways on how to stop the country from its nuclear testing programs.

Meanwhile, an IT expert, Marcus Hutchins from the UK was able to beat the attack of the "WannaCry Ransomware". Further, the IT genius also shared that people need to prepare for the second virus which might be more dangerous than this.

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