Underwater Robots Give Explorers View Of The Ocean Life, Seafloor Via Livestream

By Carie P. | May 13, 2017 07:00 PM EDT

With the latest advancement in the exploration technology, people can now have a view of the flora and fauna of the ocean floor even without going to the bottom of the sea floor. Recently experts invented two kinds of underwater robots which provide access and view of the ocean to people even from the comforts of their home.

It was just reported that a group of experts are currently in the process of developing the separate projects. As described by this latest innovation in exploration, the two robots are actually live-streaming high-definition footage from the bottom of the ocean. Moreover, these are actually operated robotic vehicles or commonly known as the ROVs.

The first of these two robotic projects is the Global Explorer submarine robot which was already placed 80 miles off the coast of the Chesapeake Bay. According to Digital Trends, the mission of the first underwater robot includes recording methane seeps located on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic margin which has a water depth of 400 and 1,600 meters.

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Meanwhile, since the mission of the first underwater robot will already end, the experts are on another one which is called the Okeanos Explorer. It was reported that his will run until May 19 and its mission is intended to collect crucial baseline information about areas in the Pacific which are hard to reach until now.

With these new innovations in underwater explorations, the experts assured everyone that people are seeing a new telepresence model of discovering science. It is a guarantee that with the help and assistance of these underwater robots, people will come to understand the life on the ocean floor even those found deep underwater.

According to Parameterless, one of the main benefits which were mentioned by the organizers of the Okeanos Explorer project is the ease of exploring a certain unknown area. With these latest instruments, it is a guarantee that people, especially those underwater explorers will already be equipped with the necessary expertise on board.

Through the eyes of these underwater robots, explorers can take a high definition view of the life on the seafloor. To make this even more exciting, these can be transmitted right away but with just several seconds of delay.

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