Scientists Develop Glow Sticks Helpful In Cancer Diagnosis: Device Used As Molecular Probes [Report]

By Carie P. | May 02, 2017 10:10 AM EDT

A group of scientists was able to develop and invent a glow stick which is used to diagnose cancer. This new device is very helpful as it functions as molecular probes which are sued to detect the presence of cancer cells in a person's body.

Normally, glow sticks are used by concert-goers or whenever electricity is out. But with the latest report, this device has found a new way to maximize its use. Scientists from the Tel Aviv University came up with an idea and this invention to be able to help in the diagnosis of cancer.

According to, these scientists from the above-mentioned university were able to create chemiluminescent which is believed to be 3,000 times brighter than any other object-giving lights. This is also considered as the chemical light which is usually found in glow sticks.

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The stated chemical light found in the glow sticks is the one that makes it possible for the object to detect cancer cells and other medical conditions. Aside from cancer diagnosis, this latest invention can also result in the creation of another system which will make it possible to detect cellular activity. With this, medical experts will be able to determine the presence and location of some pathologies.

Another study was published that can support the efficiency of this glow stick for cancer diagnosis. According to ACS Central Science, a group of researchers also discussed and presented the significance of the element that is found inside the glow sticks. It was then supported that the Chemiluminescence is one of the best ways in detecting irregularities in the body or diagnosis.

This study was also able to prove that the probes found in the glow sticks can really help medical experts and practitioners to diagnose cancer and severe medical conditions. The chemists behind the study added two atoms in the probe in order for it to detect cancer cells.

With the latest development in innovation and science, the diagnosis of serious medical conditions like cancer can now be made easy and simple. Indeed, with the glow sticks breakthrough, they are not only used in recreational purposed anymore but also on medical fields.

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