Mosquito Season Starts In Virginia: Residents Advised To Check Stagnant Water In Yards [Report]

By Carie P. | May 01, 2017 08:32 AM EDT

It was just reported that the mosquito season starts in Virginia this May 1. Because of this, health authorities are giving warnings to the residents to check their backyards as well as their properties for stagnant and standing water.

With the latest announcement, residents in Virginia need to prepare for mosquitoes whip will surely distract their outdoor activities like camping, hiking, as well as cookouts. With this, they might be unaware that they are breeding these mosquitoes in places near them or close to their house.

Some of the places where these mosquitoes love to stay and to breed are those which have water stored in it for a long time. According to Daily Press, these include water under an air conditioning unit, a small pool of water on a tarp and even old and unused tires which are just kept in a corner. These are the best places wherein mosquitoes can stay and eventually lay their eggs.

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Because of this mosquito season in Virginia, some mosquito reduction teams have been going into places to deal with this. They went to several areas including York County where they removed stagnant water. Not only that since they also place mosquito bricks after cleaning the places.

But the report claimed that people learned how to be vigilant in terms of dealing with mosquito bites which started with the outbreak of the Zika virus. People, as well as residents, have grown meticulous on every corner of their backyards to check on mosquito nests but they still some place and possible spots.

Even if people have already thought that their places are already clean, still they are unaware that these mosquitoes have already laid several eggs. With this, they should not only check on their places since mosquitoes can also breed along streets which have plenty of trashes.

According to Green Star Pest Control, the most common mosquito in Virginia is the Asian tiger mosquito. As reported by the U.S. Department of Health, these mosquitoes love to feed and roam during the day. That's why the residents need to check on this.

With the start of the mosquito season in Virginia, the state health department advised that the most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes is to eliminate the places where they breed. This is also timely since it was just forecasted that there is a higher percent of raining.

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