Pet Food Company Issues Product Recall After Positive Testing For Pentobarbital [Report]

By Carie P. | Apr 30, 2017 08:44 AM EDT

A pet food company based in California has been ordered to issue a recall of its products after these were tested positive for a substance that is usually found in euthanasia drugs. As this will definite put the animal's health at risk, the recall came after one buyer discovered the inclusion of the said substance in the product.

With this report, the products which are included in the recall are Party Animal's Cocolicious Chicken and Beef together with its Cocolicious Beef and Turkey dog food. This all started when a certain customer who was able to purchase any of the products mentioned gave samples to a testing laboratory. Then it has been found out that the sample is positive of pentobarbital as per Fox News.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, they need to issue and order the recall of the products immediately so as to prevent further damage and negative effects to has been proven also that this substance can be fatal to animals. It can be recalled too that veterinarians use that substance if there is a need for euthanasia of animals or pets.

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With this, those people who were able to purchase the above-mentioned products are asked to return them to the store where they bought them. These customers will also be guaranteed of refund as assured by FDA and the company Party Animal.

The cans which were asked to be returned and to be recalled are as mentioned, the 13-ounce can of Cocolicious Beef and Turkey dog food and the 13-ounce-can of Cocolicious Chicken and Beef dog food. These products were manufactured last 2015 but with an expiration date of July 2019 and August 2019 respectively as reported by CNN.

However, Party Animal issued statements telling that it already submitted some of its beef flavors pet food for testing and it claimed that all of them tested negative of pentobarbital found in euthanasia drug. But still, the FDA want to assure products safety most especially if these are for the animals.

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