Violence Worsens In Brazil Following General Strike: Activists, Unions Protest Over Pension Reforms [Report]

By Carie P. | Apr 29, 2017 12:39 PM EDT

The current situation in Brazil gets worse as the country is nearing the end of its first general strike. It was reported that the reason for this massive and violent strike was due to the proposed pension reforms of President Michel Temer.

According to latest reports, Brazil is currently facing a crisis in terms of peace and security as protesters were in complete opposition to the latest pension reform of President Temer. With this, some were claiming that people opted to stay in their homes and shops rather than going out.

It was just reported that most of the properties, as well as buildings in Rio de Janeiro, have been set on fire as the activists vandalized some of the stores and known structures. It seems like the authorities including the police enforcers are helpless as the people remain very upset with the said reform.

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Because of this ongoing tension, almost all places in Brazil are affected and they choose not to go out as they might get caught in the middle of the violent strikes. Some of the roads were closed too as more and more opposition demonstrators are taking their disappointment on the road with regards to the president's proposed reform as per BBC.

Despite this violence, President Temer insisted that he will still push programs that will modernize Brazil. Perhaps the pension reform is one of them only that most of the populations in Brazil are not contented with that.

As with the latest reports, people in Brazil have been protesting about how this reform was crafted since it will be the poorest who shall shoulder the cost and the effects of this. The effects of this reform as per Euronews include raising the age of retirement and reducing the benefits of the beneficiaries of the program.

Though President Temer expressed his concern regarding this increasing violence because of the strikes and demonstrations, he firmly said that the government and the workers in the country are working together. Brazil's highest leader also pointed out that it is the only way the country can get out from the recession which is considered as the worst.

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