Kim Kardashian’s Obsession With Beyonce Never Stops, Plans To Outshine Her By Getting Pregnant [Report]

By Carie P. | Apr 25, 2017 06:54 PM EDT

It looks like Kim Kardashian is not yet done with Beyonce as reports were telling that she is also planning to get pregnant in order to outshine the singer. If this is indeed true, then people might think that Kim's obsession with the singer is still there.

It was reported that Kim Kardashian was so jealous of Beyonce that she will do anything just to steal the spotlight from her. One of the ways which she thinks can help her satisfy her obsession is by getting pregnant notwithstanding cautions from her doctors that this could really put her health at risk.

It can be recalled that in one of the episodes of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," specialists were advising Kim Kardashian that it would be too unsafe for her to get pregnant again. They warned her that she needs to let her uterus be repaired first before she could get pregnant or else her life and her health will be in danger as per PEOPLE. But it looks like she does not put so much attention to this.

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However, some sources were claiming that Kim Kardashian's jealousy for Beyonce is more on admiration and not on the bitterness that started way back. Kim has been struggling to make a name in Hollywood until she was considered as one of the industry's socialites. Then when she and Kanye West tied the knot, she assumed that this will be of big help for her to attain fame and popularity.

Previous reports also added that despite the fame that she is already enjoying at the moment, still, it looks like it's not enough for her to reach the level of Beyonce. Although Kim Kardashian has access to most red carpets in Hollywood and some events attended by A-list stars, still these won't really help her to experience also the singer's fame.

She cannot even go to the Oscars plus she can't get a membership at the Soho House. Moreover, Kim Kardashian cannot have people to take her seriously and these are the reasons why she cannot really reach the level of Beyonce as per The Sun.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is welcome to any red carpet event plus she could just call the Academy to secure her an invitation. As she was nicknamed, "Queen B," people everywhere respects her including the royal family. There is no doubt Kim Kardashian gets jealous sometimes that's why she is been wondering to do even the least possible ways.

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