UK Gaming Firms Might Relocate Over Brexit

By Cresswell McCoy | Mar 31, 2017 01:03 PM EDT

Two fifth of UK's gaming firms could might just relocate over Brexit, UK games such as Batman Arkham Knight have been international hits. But around 40 percent of British gaming companies are considering relocating their business due to Brexit.

Companies have claimed losing access to talent and funding as major risks when Britain leaves the EU. Based on a recent survey, 75 of the more than 2,000 game firms in UK worked in development. The government is still trying to continue to attract global talent, since the UK's creative industries are one of their biggest success stories.

According to BBC, they want to ensure that UK remains a world leader in video games production. The Prime Minister Theresa May had also made it clear they will continue to get the biggest and brightest global talent. At this moment they are currently conducting a review of the creative industries.

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The aim is to work with their creative industries to help seize some of the exciting opportunities. They will be focusing on working with the government on world leading games and interactive entertainment business. The sales alone for the UK games last year hit around £2.96 billon.

It is believed that the main concern about Brexit for companies is that they were losing access to skilled workers. Out of this 57 percent of staff they employed was from the European Union. The gaming business is competitive and innovative, if UK cannot attract the diverse talent they want or need, some of the firms are likely to relocate.

There were also other issues that Brexit could leave UK companies unable to access funding from EU programs like Creative Europe. Some of the people do not like the idea of Brexit, while some equally supported it. There is still two years for Britain to leave Brexit and this can happen only if the agreement is from both sides.  

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