Scientists May have Figured Out The Namibia's Bizarre Fairy Circles

By Arnab Banerjee | Mar 31, 2017 01:03 PM EDT

When it comes to the driest desert in the world, then deserts in Namibia is surely considered as one of them. The moisture level in such deserts is very low. Sometimes, there are some discrete grasslands can be seen in these areas. Scientists have witnessed dark grass patches in those grass fields and interestingly those grass patches have the circular shape. Till now scientists were not able to figure out the main reason of those dark patches. But now it looks like they have a possible solution. Many scientists think that the plants are positioning themselves in order the best from the water resources. 

The hypothesis was first proposed back in 2014. Though, at first, there was not enough evidence which can proof this hypothesis. Firstly, these kinds of spots were first located in the deserts of Namibia. But recently scientists have discovered such spots in the desert in the Australia as well.

According to the reports, scientists have mentioned that they have measured the diameter of such grass spots. According to those reports, the average diameter of those grass spots are around is about 34.7 meters.
Scientists have explained that this kind of ring has been formed due to the necessity of the water. The roots of the grass work much better when this kind of ring is formed.  

After the measurements, researchers have also performed a detailed study on those grass. After a detail study researchers are now able to reach a conclusion which states that grasses which have not formed a circular shape have not received much water and other nutrients from the soil. At the same time, researchers also revealed the fact that grasses in the round shape have got a significant amount of water and simultaneously got some other nutrients as well. After all the research it is expected scientists will be able to deliver more facts on this.  

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