Marijuana to be Legalized in Canada by 2018

By Cresswell McCoy | Mar 28, 2017 09:22 AM EDT

As some of the states in America have already legalized marijuana for medical purposes, it appears that Canada is making their move to legalize pot in the spring on 2018. As per reports under the coming legislation marijuana could be legalized in Canada by 1 July, 2018.

The federal government and members of the governing Liberal party were recently briefed on the timeline. The party has promised long back that they will have legislation ready by the end of spring. However, there are regulations and that will follow recommendations released in December, 2017 by a federally appointed marijuana task force reported BBC.

If Canada legalizes recreational marijuana it will be available to people over the age of 18, the task force will also allow adults to grow up to four plants and possess 30 grams of dried cannabis. The Canada pot advocates are not happy with the decision, but there are chances that the illegal plant will be legalized soon.

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Medical marijuana has already been legalized in Canada since 2001, and it is also grown by 40 federally licensed producers. Among the population is seems that the youth, are the world's biggest users of marijuana. The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's promise for recreational pot will certainly fuel investment and speculation in the cannabis sector.

Legal marijuana under the new regulation will be strict, because it will make it easier to keep it away from the young people. It is also believed to reduce the burden of the police and the justice system.

The federal government will watch over the supply of the drug and continue to license producers. On the other hand the provinces will determine its means of distribution and sale. If the law is passed in the next year, Canada will be the largest developed country to end recreational marijuana prohibition.  

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