San Francisco Restaurant Serving Dishes on iPads

By Jun Pasaylo | Dec 28, 2016 06:58 AM EST

It sounds bizarre. But a restaurant in San Francisco, California is serving food through an iPad plate. Yes, you heard it right -- dish on an iPad. 

Quince Restaurant, awarded with its third Michelin star this year, called its food-on-iPad dish as "A Dog in Search of Gold." The dish is served while the Apple device is playing videos on water dogs. 

A 9to5Mac report quoted some of the observers raising health concern on the matter, particularly in ensuring that the device in being use in the cleanest possible way.

"[D]oes the San Francisco Department of Public Health have an acceptable washing method for iPads? And, this being San Francisco, how long until someone reprograms one of those things to display one-star Quince reviews on Yelp," the article quoted an observer as saying. 

Dishes on iPads are not relatively new. UK restaurants have been serving dishes on iPad plating since last year.

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