Brian Sheth of the Sheth Sangreal Foundation has formed a partnership with the Austin American-Statesman, a local newspaper, to help families in need this holiday season. This year marks the sixth consecutive season that he has chosen to do so. 

Sheth, an Austin business leader and a dedicated philanthropist, will match donations received by the newspaper up to $500,000. The amount of the organization's pledge is double what it was in 2020. The Sheth Sangreal Foundation matched donations up to $250,000 last year and $100,000 from 2016 to 2019. Brian and Adria Sheth made the announcement about the matching donations in early December, and both feel excited about working with the Season for Caring program sponsored by the Austin American-Statesman.

Beneficiaries of the 2021 Season for Caring Campaign

The Sheth family has donated $1.05 million dollars to date to benefit the residents of Austin, Texas. Each year, Statesman staff members choose several local organizations to receive funds. Here are the 11 non-profits that will benefit from this year's campaign and matching donations:

  • Any Baby Can

  • Austin Palliative Care

  • Boys Club & Girls Club of the Austin Area

  • Dress for Success Austin

  • Family Eldercare

  • Foundation Communities

  • Health Alliance for Austin Musicians

  • Hospice Austin

  • Interfaith Action of Central Texas

  • Meals on Wheels Central Texas

  • Wonders and Worries

At the start of each annual campaign, a representative from Season for Caring tells the story of one or more recipients of monetary gifts. This happens publicly with the recipient's permission. The representative then invites the public to purchase a holiday gift from the family's wish list or make a monetary donation to the program.

The Statesman's annual charitable program gives priority to individuals and families featured in the newspaper. A board member of the charity then splits the remaining funds between the non-profits it selected for the year. Non-profits use the money to create an emergency fund to help clients in a crisis. People have used money to secure an apartment, pay for heating or medical costs, buy food for their families, and take care of many other practical needs.

History of the Season of Caring Campaign and Involvement of Brian Sheth

The Austin American-Statesman began its annual program to help improve the quality of life for people in the Austin community in 1999. The Sheth Sangreal Foundation began its partnership with the newspaper in 2016. Brian Sheth and other board members increased financial donations during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and what locals call the February Freeze. 

The February Freeze occurred in 2021 when the Austin area experienced historically low temperatures that left thousands of households without power or water. Through his foundation, Brian Sheth donated $750,000 to the Austin Area Urban League. The non-profit organization provided funds to people impacted by the effects of the cold snap and allowed them to purchase food, clothing, and winter survival kits. Sangreal also donated 5,000 pairs of socks and 500,000 Flow Hydration water packs.

Other Recent Donations Made by Brian Sheth

In addition to the $500,000 matching donation made to the Season of Caring Campaign, Sheth also made a $250,000 matching donation to the Dell Children's Foundation. The Sheth Sangreal Foundation routinely supports organizations dedicated to working on climate change initiatives. Brian Sheth's charitable organization has donated $80 million dollars in 80 countries to help fund climate change projects.

Three months ago, Brian Sheth produced a Global Citizen Live event that ran for 24 consecutive hours from cities around the world. The event brought in more than $1.1 billion dollars for climate change issues. The Sheth Sangreal Foundation pledged to plant 57 million trees around the world. The Global Citizen Live broadcast event also brought in enough money to allow the organization to distribute 60 million covid vaccinations and make a significant donation to anti-poverty programs. 

About Brian Sheth

Brian Sheth worked in private equity for over 20 years and through his business career has always focused on philanthropic endeavours. He uses many of the same strategies that made him a successful business leader while operating the Sheth Sangreal Foundation. The foundation maintains ongoing partnerships with seven non-profit organizations benefitting children, the environment, education, and preservation of animal species in the wild. Sheth looks forward to this time of year when he can make his impact go even further by joining forces with other well-known organizations in the Austin community.