If you are considering purchasing a new living room set, there are a few things you want to consider before you start shopping. First, what are the living room's purpose and function?

The living room has many roles in modern society and doesn't have to be a formal entertaining space like it was for many of our grandparents. Some may remember the plastic slip-covers that protected the furniture that sat like a museum relic to be viewed but not touched.

Today, the space can host a game night with friends or book club meetings with the neighbors. You can serve food, play music, and sit on the sofa. Some may even move the coffee table to dance. No, it's not the stuffy room it once was.

So, when it's time to decorate and move furniture in, how do you determine which pieces you'll need to give the room a cohesive look? Well, the sofa will be the center of the space so let's start there. Be sure to measure the room, so you know what dimensions will fit comfortably in the space.

The functionality of the room plays a huge role in couch selection. If you are watching lots of television in the room, you want a spacious and comfortable sofa. Sectionals provide extra seating making it easy for multiple viewers to watch tv. It's not uncommon to snack while catching a movie, and cupholders or trays built into the armrests make it convenient.

If you don't have additional bedrooms, a private guest room for visitors isn't possible. However, a couch with a pull-out bed means you do have a place for them to sleep.

When you have small children and, or pets, the couch's material and the color are very important. Microfiber is simple to clean, so you won't have to worry about small spills or accidents. Darker colors can hide harder to clean stains.

While the sofa should be the room's focal point, you don't want it to take up all the space. Be sure to leave enough room so you can walk around the space without stubbing a toe. You want to leave enough of the area open for a coffee or accent table.

Once you've settled on the pieces for the room and know the layout, it's time to get the lighting right. Lamps don't only provide light, but they can be decorative and include storage. Table lamps come in different materials and styles, from wood, iron, to artful pottery.

Floor lamps, which are great for local lighting, can contain shelves for small ornaments, books, or pictures. Choose pieces that not only match your style but serve the function you have chosen for the space.

Don't worry if you struggle to settle on a design style; feel free to contact one of 1StopBedroom's professional designers to answer your questions. So, reach out and look through the full living room sets to find the one that matches your style and meets your needs.