When it came to trends and fashion, eyeglasses almost always took a backseat before. However, those days are long gone now. There are several eyeglasses trends that can now be seen worn by celebrities as well as models.

Consequently, stores are now filled with trendy eyewear that you can choose from. The question is, "where to start?". To help you out, below, we have made a list of trendy eyewear to make you stand out.

Cat-eye frames

Cat-eye frames are one of the most popular eyewear trends of today. With celebrities like Ariana Grande wearing the style herself, people have been seen adorning these glasses. Many people with prescription glasses have also switched to cat-eye frames to give themself a unique modern look.

Even if you do not have prescription glasses, you can get yourself cat-eye frames to add a pinch of style to your bland outfits. These glasses are perfect for anyone looking to experiment beyond their comfort zone.

Vintage round glasses

Round glasses have always been a popular choice because of pop culture figures such as Harry Potter and John Lennon. However, round glasses are not for everyone as people often consider them to be too old.

If you are someone who is head over heels for vintage collections, then these round glasses are for you. Pair them with your long brown coats and watch the magic happen. These glasses are often associated with literature and art scholars, so they are perfect for an academic look as well.

Tinted eyeglasses

Tinted glasses provide a very retro look when you wear them. These glasses have certainly taken the world by storm. From small oval glasses to square geometrical shapes, you can find these tinted glasses in all shapes, even hearts.

As mentioned before, tinted glasses are a throwback as they were in trend a long way back. The major colors that are currently popular are yellow, pink, and red. If you want to appear both retro and modern, these frames are the best choice.

Bold, colorful frames

Nothing makes you stand out more than a bright pair of glasses. The thing is, a bold, colorful frame is not for everyone. Many people stick to the basic neutral colors while buying eye frames or eyewear. However, if you are experimenting enough, you have a wide range of colors to choose from.

Although bold color frames are in trend, people seldom wear them. So, if you want to be both trendy and unique, find yourself a beautiful pair of bold, colorful frames. These frames go best with people who have outgoing and funky personalities.

Geometric glasses

Geometric glasses, as the name suggests, are frames that come in geometric shapes with sharp angles. These are mostly found as square or rectangular glasses. Geometric glasses are usually worn by round faces as these glasses provide angles to a curvy face. However, if they suit you, you should go for them.

To add a more unique touch to your look, you can get geometric glasses in bold colors. It will make you appear completely different from the rest of the crowd. However, do not go overboard by wearing bold, colorful geometric glasses with colorful outfits. Rather pairing these glasses with neutral outfits will illuminate their structure more.

Clear frames

Clear glasses have definitely captured the interest of all the fashion designers and major brands because of being a completely fresh trend. These glasses come in both prescription glasses and non-prescription glasses as well. What's great about these glasses is the fact that they never overshadow your outfits.

Since they are clear, they fit both personal as well as professional occasions. Moreover, you can find them in any shape that you want. Many people prefer going for oversized clear frames for a different look than a basic one. Clear frames are popular also because instead of obstructing your face, they go well with it.

Aside from all the trends mentioned above, there are several other eyewear that you can go for. These include thick-rimmed glasses, tortoiseshell glasses, patterned glasses, and more. Apart from the frames, eyewear accessories are also in trend nowadays.

That was all! Now you know which glasses can make you stand out.