Do you have more than one connected device? Most people today have at least two devices that they use. You might have one set of devices for personal use, and another set of devices needed for work. Or, you might be a business owner with a phone, tablet, laptop, or other devices needed in the course of doing business.

The technology we have today makes our lives much easier than our parents and grandparents, but it does all require power to charge. These items will do you little good if you don't take the time to charge them. What better time to do so than while you are asleep?

Some furniture brands have begun to realize the value of charging stations, and more nightstands are coming available with this option. Here are a few of the top-selling inexpensive nightstands on 1StopBedrooms with charging stations.

Aspen Home nightstands

The bedroom furniture collection by Aspen Home features a number of different options for charging stations built into the nightstands. In fact, this has become a standard feature in nightstands from this brand. You can also enjoy a clean, modern look with a two-tone style perfect for any casual bedroom. The nightstands still allow for two drawers for storage of undergarments, hosiery, and other delicate items.

Dreamer Champagne two drawer nightstand

This bedroom furniture set with a matching nightstand is perfect for those young women who want to feel as though they are a movie star while in their bedroom. The luxe style of this nightstand makes it fit in well with glam interior design themes. And, of course, you can only expect something so contemporary to meet up-to-date tech needs like a charging station. It also has two drawers for storage.

Culverbach gray two drawer nightstand

The Culverbach nightstand is a simple modern nightstand that will work well for a number of different bedroom styles. The plain wood grain of the finish makes it suitable for the modern farmhouse or rustic décor trends, while the clean lines and simple sophistication are exactly what you would expect of more contemporary or modern homes. At the same time, this nightstand is one of the cheapest available that includes a charging station.

The Starberry black modern nightstand

This is the perfect charging nightstand if you want to keep your room modern and chic, but you don't want to give up standard features. This nightstand comes with a charging station behind a small, thin door with the organization for multiple devices. It also has one standard-sized nightstand drawer that you can use to store all of your electronic peripherals like headphones or earbuds, or you can use the drawer to store other delicate clothing items.

If you are interested in any of these high-tech nightstands with charging stations, you can find these and many more affordable options by shopping online furniture stores. You'll also get the most selection, and you will be sure to find the right charging nightstand for you.