Going by recent trends, art-deco-inspired jewelry is here to stay. And of course, there are some excellent reasons for that claim. In a world where jewelry design is going minimalistic, there are some excellent alternatives full of glamour and style that would make anyone stand out. The sophisticated, elegant, and timeless jewelry pieces are inspired by art-deco movements and adhere to its design philosophy, which has inspired many fashion designers and public figures.

The geometric patterns with abstract shapes and forms give the jewelry a distinct look. While popular in the 1920s and 30s, the use of contrast-colored gemstones in the jewelry still fascinates us. The white metal is popularly used in almost all art-deco jewelry with repeated motifs. These timeless pieces of jewelry would add a vintage touch to your jewelry collection with their clean shapes and elaborate design. And most importantly, these statement pieces give you - a sense of self.

Here are a few similar jewelry pieces that will elaborate more on art-deco-inspired jewelry and hopefully convince you to add one to your jewelry collection. 

1. Gemstone Necklaces

Art-Deco-Inspired Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Making a Statement

While diamonds make for mesmerizing pieces of jewelry, colored gemstones and crystals offer something more valuable than sparkle. Gemstone necklaces such as a Shungite necklace provide various healing properties such as protection from harmful electromagnetic fields produced from our daily gadgets such as mobiles, headphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Shungite is a powerful stone known to balance and heal the body's chakra and immune system. It is rich in antioxidants and purifying properties that can improve the wearer's immune system and respiratory system and aid their digestive system. Gemstone necklaces come in distinctive shapes, settings, and sizes, elevating any outfit, from an oversized sweater to a plunging neck dress.

2. Crystal Studs

Art-Deco-Inspired Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Making a Statement

Our wardrobes have shifted towards sustainability, modernity, and urban elegance, along with our jewelry options. While one may be looking at endless possibilities for earrings, there's never a suitable pair that fits all the boxes - while in trend, but also ageless, exquisite yet also makes a strong sartorial statement. Well, we may have found you the perfect artistic creation of jewelry that you can cherish for ages to come - the Tanzanite earrings studs. They're minimal, sophisticated, and can be enjoyed season after season. These sapphire-blue crystals are supposedly a thousand times rarer than a diamond and are known to have various healing properties in them. One of the most stunning jewels of this generation, Tanzanite can help a person interact openly, explore their spiritual side, and widen their connection with the higher self while keeping them grounded. Tanzanite is highly durable so that you can cherish them for a long time with a high-grade metal finish in platinum or white gold.

3. Engraved Cuff Bracelets

Art-Deco-Inspired Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Making a Statement

While diamond bracelets are made in and out of fashionable wear, there is a sleeker, more refined entry in the world of bracelets, called cuff bracelets. The resurgence of the striking cuff band has been because of its versatility and the drama that it adds to any outfit. The cuff bracelet is easy to put on and take out. It can be styled with mismatched jewelry pieces on different areas of the body or be worn solo - and personalized bracelets make for a great conversation starter along with a cherished gift. Women can engrave the bracelets with a memorable date or a special longitude of where you met a dear friend to give them a precious jewelry piece that they can keep for several years.

4. Abstract Diamond Ring

Art-Deco-Inspired Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Making a Statement

Here's another addition for jewelry that inspires one every time they wear it - an abstract diamond ring. While we all have had personal love affairs with endless solitaire bands and engagement rings, we rarely allowed ourselves to explore and be amazed by asymmetrical shapes and settings. A diamond can capture the attention of many, but with elements of abstract art, it becomes even more enticing and unique in its own way. With reflecting cuts that catch the golden light, attention paid to intricate details, and the use of tones and pigments, such statement-worthy pieces will add the ideal amount of polish and eye-catching geometry to any ensemble. 

5. Tennis Mixed Hoops

Art-Deco-Inspired Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Making a Statement

A classic pair of hoops can never go out of style, although tennis hoops with mismatched diamond pieces look all the more artistic with resplendent elegance when it comes to class and expression. The asymmetrical and elaborate geometry of the glimmering diamonds adds a modern twist to the classic style. When paired with a matching diamond bracelet for an elegant party or official lunch, you'll be surprised by the endless looks and compliments you receive during the course of the event.

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