Car accidents happen every day. Some are minor fender benders while others are life-changing events for the driver, passengers, and family of the victims. Each and every accident has a cause that is very typical. In other words, there are very few accidents that don't have a cause that is quite common.

A car accident attorney is usually very busy because of people that ignore the rules of the road and drive aggressively. Knowing the causes that typically result in an accident allows you to stay safer. There are ways to avoid these types of accidents to give you a better chance at arriving at your destination safely.

In this article, we will go over what those accident causes typically are so you can take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

1 - Distracted driving


Taking away your focus on driving even for a few seconds is enough to cause an accident. For example, sending a text takes up to five seconds. In that time with your eyes off of the road, the car has traveled 80 feet. In that time many awful scenarios can take place.

Texting and driving is just as dangerous as driving drunk as the result is the same as being impaired. Drive into a parking lot and take the time that you need to send the text in safety.

Eating while driving is also very dangerous and is a big cause of accidents. Even those that are not causing the accident deserve some blame. It takes a second to react to somebody cutting you off or merging into your lane. With your hands full with food or a drink, you have less time to react to avoid the accident.

Don't try to multitask while driving. Focus on the road and what other drivers are doing and not only will you not cause an accident, you will likely prevent one from happening.

2 - Bad weather conditions


Rain causes roads to get slick and increases the distance required to come to a full stop. Snow and ice are even worse. High winds make it difficult to stay in control of the vehicle. We can't control the weather but we can control how we react to it.

It pays to take some time to check the weather reports before heading out. You can avoid taking unnecessary trips if the weather is particularly bad. Wait to do errands that aren't urgent until the weather passes. Also, plan your trip well to make sure that there are no road closures or flooded streets where you need to drive.

Take extra time to get to your destination. When going to work, leave early so you can go slowly and still arrive on time.

3 - Defective vehicles

Cars need to be in peak form to perform well on the road. Cars that have headlights out or faulty brakes are dangerous and will cause an accident. This is why many states require yearly inspections to be sure that cars are road-worthy and won't cause an accident.

Make sure that your tires are filled to the specifications in the owner's manual. All driving lights should be in good working order. And fluids need to be filled to make sure that the car can brake, change gears and keep the engine cooled.

4 - Aggressive driving


Aggressive driving is a major factor in many accidents. It comes in the form of running red lights, tailgating other cars, or driving way above the legal limit. Driving defensively is the way to go. Accidents are not caused when you drive defensively and many can even be avoided when confronted with a distracted or aggressive driver around you.

Don't be pushy on the road by changing lanes without paying attention or by driving too close to other cars. You won't have time to stop in time if something happens. If you are running late for something, remember that an accident will get you there much later, if at all. If you can't avoid leaving a bit early to make sure that you arrive on time, then just accept the fact that you will be late.

Don't try to beat out traffic lights as they don't all change at the same rate. A yellow light may change to red much faster than you realize and cause a major accident when cars enter the intersection. Even failing to stop at a stop sign is extremely dangerous. Don't be tempted to coast past a stop sign if it seems there is no traffic approaching.