Scholarships are important for students and they are a reward for the academics and educational achievements that a student makes during a year. Whether it is starting your college/university or high school, scholarships are always appealing to young aspirants who want to pursue higher education. Scholarships can help young aspirants achieve their dream and pursue higher education which helps them have a better career in their lives.

As far as Indian Education System is concerned, it has a lot of issues and flaws, with the biggest one the poor quality of education in government schools and colleges. Regardless of a huge budget allocation for the education sector, the quality of education is still poor in government institutes and there is a huge dropout rate in government institutes. 

Apart from the poor quality of education, another reason why the dropout rate is so high is that the financial condition of most of the students is not stable and after completing Matric studies, they opt to earn instead of going to high schools and universities because they don't have enough resources to achieve higher education in private institutions. 

The quality of education in private institutions is better but most students cannot afford it since they don't have the financial resources to afford the expenditures of private institutions. This is where scholarships come into play. Scholarships are an important weapon and these can help most of the deserving students continue their studies without worrying about the expenditures and fees. 

Here are a few reasons why scholarships are so important:

Annual Increase in Fee: 

Every year, there is an increase in the fee of schools, colleges, and universities. There is a minimum of 5% increase in the fee annually and it is a big reason why scholarships are important. Not every student has the same financial conditions, some can afford the increment in the fee but others cannot. Therefore, scholarships are helpful for students and it lets the students focus on their studies without any financial stress. 

Other Expenses: 

For school students, the only tuition fee is the one that matters but for college and university students, there also come food & travel expenses along with the tuition fee. These expenses are due every month and can become a huge burden to a family who is not financially stable. It becomes difficult for the student and his family to deal with travel & food expenses, especially when they have paid a huge sum for tuition fee and if the government is providing scholarships then these all will be taken care of and the student would be able to concentrate on his studies.

Better Focus on Studies:

A student in college or university has a huge burden of studies over his head and if there are other things that he has to worry about such as financial stress then he won't be able to concentrate on his studies and as a result, his grades will fall. If scholarships are provided to meritorious students who are financially unstable then they will be able to focus on their studies and achieve higher education with good grades.

Help the Nation Grow:

When deserving and meritorious students are awarded scholarships then these students work even harder than before and focus on their studies instead of worrying about their financial instability. This is also beneficial, especially for a developing nation such as India. These students will grow up to become experts in their fields and help the nation grow. 

Luckily, the Government of India and even Individual Governments of different States are realizing the fact that Scholarships are important for the development of the Nation and providing different scholarships such as MahaDBT, UP Scholarship to the deserving and meritorious so, they can continue their studies, achieve higher education, and help the nation grow.