If you're missing teeth or dealing with decay or similar concerns, you and your dentist or oral surgeon may be discussing your options. Dental implants offer an alternative to dentures or dental bridges, but many people misunderstand the implant procedure.

Myths abound when it comes to these implants-they're expensive and dangerous, require too many qualifications, or won't match your natural teeth. In reality, though, teeth in a day dental implants can give you the new smile you deserve-and that single day's treatment plan offers new teeth that last a lifetime. 

Myth: It's challenging to qualify for dental implant treatment.

Reality: You only need to meet a few basic health qualifications to be eligible for dental implants. If you're healthy enough for general oral surgery, you'll typically be a good candidate for implants. You'll need a jaw bone that's healthy enough to withstand the procedure or the ability to use a bone graft, if not. The tissues of your mouth will need to be healthy, too, and you shouldn't have any conditions that impact bone healing. Generally, these requirements are simple to meet for most patients. 

Myth: Implants are prone to staining and discoloration.


Reality: Thanks to their durable materials, dental implants are naturally stain-resistant. So, if you're concerned about the appearance of your implants over time, worry not. With proper care, your implants can stay stain-free. The key here is to maintain the glaze that coats your teeth implants. So long as you take good care of your new teeth with regular brushing, flossing, and irrigation; they'll continue to take care of you with a full mouth of aesthetically pleasing, highly functional teeth. 

Myth: The dental implant procedure and its aftermath are dangerous.


Reality: Like any medical procedure, dental implant surgery comes with risks. But dental implants have been used successfully for decades. With a strong success rate and the highly-trained specialists performing these treatments, the process of replacing teeth with dental implants is, by and large, a safe one. 

Myth: Dental implant surgery will be painful.


Reality: When you undergo dental implant placement, your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and gums-chances are, you've had something similar before for a filling or with an oral surgeon. Because of this anesthetic, your mouth should stay numb throughout the entire procedure, keeping you pain-free. Of course, during the healing process, you can expect to have some discomfort. But even then, this irritation shouldn't be severe, especially when you follow your doctor's instructions for proper care. 

Myth: Dental implants are too expensive. 


Reality: While budget-conscious dental implant patients might worry about spending more on implants than they would for dentures or bridges, most people will find that they save money by opting for the dental implant procedure. Unlike bridges and dentures, which you'll need to replace after only a few years, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. As a more permanent solution to your dental condition, implants can save you a small fortune, particularly if you expect to live a long time with your new teeth.

Dental issues are intimidating enough but only get more alarming when myths about the cost, pain levels, or appearance of a procedure are as common as these. Before deciding whether dental implant treatment is right for you, talk to your doctor and make sure you have accurate information about each treatment option available. Dental implants can offer you a full mouth of new teeth with minimal pain, even saving money in the process. In addition, with a free consultation for teeth in a day implants, you quite literally have nothing to lose.