As the late 2010s is dubbed as the era for rapid social media usage, the top social media platform like Facebook has average monthly active users of 2.6 billion in 2021.

And with that number of monthly active users on social media, marketers are seeing a new opportunity to market their products and services on social media.

To learn more about how they are turning people's fun and enjoyment in scrolling through social media into a marketing outlet, let us first learn what social media marketing is.

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing that uses posts, comments, videos, and images in social media to draw more engagements from the target audience without losing money in marketing to the wrong group of people.

In the latest social media adaptation usage, popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, are opening a new feature that helps small and medium businesses to market their products and services efficiently.

As of today, a new line of work emerges in the marketing industry and that is social media marketing and it opens many doors of business opportunity to social media marketers and influencers.

How do marketers market their products and services on Social Media?

With the increasing preference of people in spending their time more on social media than televisions and more, the change in ways how marketers promote their products and services becomes more visible than before.

And with that take, many social media users are seeing more of these products and services on their feeds using the following social media marketing approach.

Brand Statement Posts

As marketers are facing a new means of marketing their products or services in social media, getting the social media users is can be hard for them. Because of that, many marketers are experimenting their way in getting the brand noticed by many social media users using statement posts about the brand of product they are representing.

Going viral is the key to instilling brand awareness to prospective customers in social media, making brand statement posts become an essential way to promote their brand's products and services.

Product Unveiling Announcements

Aside from making brand statement posts to make their brand noticeable by many social media users, social media marketers also take the chance in promoting their product and services line by doing subsequent product teaser announcements up to the most coveted product launch event.

With COVID-19 currently canceling all the physical gatherings including product launch events, marketers are taking the use of social media as a platform to announce their new products and services to their existing and emerging customers.

Promo Posts

Who would not love to read promos from an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post? As cheap people may think about themselves can be, buying things at a discounted price seems to be a humane thing a person can do to satisfy their needs at a low price.

Because of that, social media marketers are also taking social media as a way to announce their latest promos as more people prefer to get some promo updates on social media.

Customer engagements

Customer engagement is a crucial thing in business. As most people communicate in social media, social media marketers are now trying their best to make engage with people and humanize their brand as much as possible.

Increase social media followers with QR codes

Keeping up with the trend is one of the social media marketers' keys in dominating social media platforms.

And with QR codes as one of today's marketing tool trend that every successful marketer use to increase their social media followers, smart and innovative social media marketers also start engaging with their customers and followers with QR codes.

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As more people are getting inclined with the use of social media to escape from reality and entertain themselves with trending posts and videos, marketers are shifting their way towards social media in marketing their products and services.

Since then, the cost of doing various marketing campaign media lowers and diverts their funds towards social media marketing.

With QR codes as one of today's top tools to integrate by marketers in social media, redefining the marketers' means in social media marketing is becomes possible with the use of a QR code generator online.