In the world of technology, science, marketing there is a race going on in every field. Professions in every field require excellent eligibility. So likewise the other fields in project management are in high demand. This is one of the versatile professions that one can impose on his or her life. There are a lot of fields for management like MBA, PMP, and so many. From them, PMP is one of the most demanding certifications for the industry of management. So in this article, you will get to know about PMP certification, how to get it, and how PMP trainingevolved in 2021? So if you are interested in kick starting a career in project management then must read the article for every and updated details about PMP. So what are you waiting for? Here you go.

What is PMP certification?

          Before knowing any other things about PMP let us know what is PMP certification.

          So, PMP or project management professional certification is a credential for the industry of project management. It is like credit for project managers. The PMP certification will lead you to have the education, experience, skill, and competency that are required for leading and directing big or small projects. In every industry, project management professionals are imperative. As per a study survey conducted in the year 2014, it is said to be that there will be a large scope for the learners or practitioners of project management. The project managers will be taking projects on system recognition, turning strategic tangible to goals, ensuring effective as well as agreed outcomes, and balancing various project constraints. The course of PMP certification covers the new and latest trends, emerging practices, tailoring consideration, and core competencies as those are the needed things for project management. The PMP certification will help to have a greater emphasis on statistics as well as business knowledge. This course will also be including a new section on the role of the project manager in both huge and small companies.

How To Get PMP Certified?

          Here are the various eligibility criteria and application processes to get PMP certified.

1.    Eligibility:

Before appearing PMP exam you need to meet the eligibility criteria of the exam.

●      First of all, you must have a high school diploma, associated degrees, or global equivalent.


●       Bachelor's degree ( degree of 4 years) or global equivalent

●      Bachelor's degree or post-graduation degree from a GAC accredited program( Bachelor's degree, or Master's degree, or global equivalent.

1.    PMP Exam Applying Process:

You have to follow certain processes while applying for the PMP exam.

●      First of all, register yourself to become a project management institute member.

●      Then go for a minimum of 35 hours of education on the PMP certification training course which is required.

●      Then submit your PMP application online.

●      After that schedule your exam with Prometric.

●      Dedicate your time and efforts to the exam.

●      Lastly, appear the exam and crack it.

Benefits of PMP certification:

          Yes, there are excellent benefits that you will get from PMP certification.

●      Once you get the PMP certification this will help you set yourself apart while applying for the position of project management in comparison to other candidates.

●      The PMP certification will lead you to have career growth to the peak.

●      You will get a high salary in comparison to the non-certified ones.

●      As long as you have gained knowledge then you will be executing the projects efficiently.

●      This certification will help you to enhance your skill as you will get that after a lot of effort and training.

●      The knowledge you will gain during the training period you can invest into the growth of your company.

●      You will get the opportunity to connect with other project management professionals across the world.

●      The best thing that you will get from this certification that you will be able to evaluate your team members excellently.

How PMP Certification Is Evolved In 2021

          Likewise in every other field, the project management profession is evolving. The exam for PMP certification is changed on 2nd January 2021. Exam takers will be giving the new PMP exam content outline.

●      Now the PMP exam will contain 180 questions and participants will get 230 minutes to complete the exam.

●      They will get multiple choice-based questions, multiple responses, matching, hotspot, and limited fill-in-the-blanks questions while appearing in the exam.

●      Domain:

This is defined as the area of high knowledge while practicing for project management. As per the new domain for PMP exam;

People - 42% of the exam will be from this domain.

          Process- 50% of the PMP exam will be based upon this domain.

          Business Environment - 8% of the exam will be based upon this domain.

●      Tasks:

There will be underlying tasks or responsibilities under each domain of PMP. The exam is accessible based on the knowledge as well as experience of the candidates according to their tasks under each domain. The number of tasks as per the new PMP exam is 35.

●      Enablers:

They are illustrative examples of the work that is associated with the tasks.

Why has the PMP exam changed in 2021?

          Many people are asking why there is a change in the PMP exam in 2021. Not only in 2021 but the PMP exam is changing every 3 to 5 years. PMI conducts to find out about the progress of the profession, the impact of the emerging trends, the revolution in responsibilities of the project managers. The last time the PMP exam outline has changed in 2015. To define the future of PMP expertise from various leading organizations across the world that have worked with PMI. The result of the outline of the research came out in June 2019 and the new outline was updated on 2nd January 2021.

The new PMP exam is going to be quite harder and bigger than the previous. So you must have knowledge as well as experience to get the certification. If you want to get the benefits of the PMP certification then you must have to work harder as much as you can.