If you live in the Bay area including near Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland, or San Francisco, you've likely heard through friends or family about Nerf Gun Parties. It's a trendy theme for birthdays for children as well as adults. Nerf Wars are gaining in popularity all throughout California, but it's the Bay Area that really has seen a boom in this unique way to celebrate birthdays for boys and girls.

Nerf Gun Parties Becoming a Hit in the Bay Area & Beyond

Instead of just holding a traditional birthday party for your child, more people are opting for a Nerf Party, which is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a huge birthday bash where Nerf Guns are the main attraction and where children can come together to run around and play various Nerf games with their friends. A Nerf War Coach will come to your location with all of the supplies, set everything up, and will be there to lead the games and break down the equipment at the end of the two-hour event.

This type of party is recommended for children above the age of 5, although there is another Nerf Gun Party option that is for children above the age of 9 only. Some of the Nerf Guns used in the games are high-impact and difficult for younger children to manage which is why there's a younger version and an older version. Don't worry as the Nerf War Party can also be used by adults too and provides hours of entertainment for anyone into Nerf Guns and physical activity.

What's Included in a Nerf Wars Party?

A Nerf Party comes with a Nerf Coach and this person comes over to set up all of the equipment and supplies, and is in charge of the entire event from start to finish. Various Nerf Guns are used during the party, including from the Mega and Elite series.

1,000 or more Nerf Darts, smoke bombs, chalk bombs, goggles, several paintball barriers and bunkers, and a Nerf Arena. You can add more players to the party and add additional supplies for extra cost. It's everything you need to enjoy Nerf and you don't have to worry about getting hurt because the Coach will go over safety demonstrations to make the event as safe as possible.

Nerf Gun Party Game Modes

There are several different games modes that you can play at a Nerf Gun Party including Retrieve the Diamond, Capture the Flag, Nerf War, Team Deathmatch, Medic, Hit Squad, Last Man Standing, and Zombies vs. Humans.

The Nerf Wars Coach will be there to guide you through the games and explain the rules of each game. Hidden within each game are also mini-games that provide even more gratification. This is going to be like a party you've never had before and the auditory and visual aspects of the Nerf Gun Party surely will create memories you'll be talking about for years.

You Don't Need to Be Celebrating a Birthday to Enjoy Nerf Gun Wars

One reason why Nerf Gun Wars is becoming a hit in the Bay Area is because people have realized you don't need to have kids or be celebrating a birthday to enjoy the Nerf Wars. You can have a Nerf Party for a graduation or other life milestone, such as for a bachelor party, anniversary, or just for a summer party. It's also something that can be amusing for a work party or picnic.

Where Nerf Wars Are Commonly Held

Due to the equipment required for a Nerf War Party, you're going to need to find either an indoor or outdoor facility that's about 8,000 square feet for optimal game play. It can be outdoors such as a park, which is perfect for children so they can run around, be loud, and enjoy the outdoors.

As the person requesting the party, you'll be the one that has to secure the location and then relay that information to the company providing the Nerf Wars. You can use an indoor arena or even a spacious building, but it must be able to accommodate the equipment and number of people you want at your party

Is a Nerf Gun Party Worth It?

Clearly, the Nerf Gun Party is well-worth the money and it's booming in the Bay area for that reason. It's perfect for both adults and children and it's a great way to get children to go play and be more physical. Not only is Nerf Wars fun if you're into Nerf, but you can learn skills at the same time including team building, social skills, and conflict resolution.