Landon Bonneville is a special baseball prospect who has managed to secure three consistent appearances in Team-USA under the age of 18. You might witness him working with Body Armour and soon he might make an appearance in the MLB. 

However, there's another side to the dedicated sportsman as an artist of sound, a music lover. He isn't just catching the balls for Western Branch Thunder, but also scoring homeruns in the music field. 

The rising star believes in the 'Word hard, retire with art' kind of approach. According to the prodigy, there's no way he is going to slow down working towards the goals. First, he wants to make it to the big league and play to his full potential until he retires. Music comes after his retirement, as it is something, he finds relaxing and soothing. Many people like to relax by watching TV shows, or playing games, but he found it in music. 

The 17 years old has a clear vision and an exact goal. He has strong admiration and respect for his parents to put everything on the frontline. They've sacrificed everything for his goals and now it is up to him to do the same. For that, he is grateful and wants to reward them by basking in the glory as a baseball legend. If his resolution is adamant, then nothing can stop his monstrous performance.

To put things into perspective, Landon Bonneville has managed to excel his performance. Currently, he holds prowess almost on par with any other average MLB star in their prime. He is proving with his newfound scores and records that he is ready. There's no doubt that he has become a potential candidate for drafting soon, with 90 percentiles ranking in his batch. 

He is a perfect combination of an athlete and an artist. While music works his way as an escape from reality to wander into relaxation, the prodigal baseball player returns each morning to train rigorously. His eccentric nature and bubbly smile have certainly managed to flutter some hearts around. 

The rising ace has caught the eyes of the right sponsorships, MLB stars and legends, and there's one thing he is doing very right. By handling the social media by himself, Landon has managed to build a rapport with his friends and community to thrive in the coming years.

Therefore, we can expect some big news and headlines revolving around this gifted youth.