Planning a vacation is exciting but has an element of stress when you want to ensure everyone is happy with the choices. However, the pressure is even greater when it comes to multigenerational trips to get it right for everyone. The mix of ages can make it challenging to plan something everyone loves, but getting it right could help you enjoy the best experience with your nearest and dearest. 

If you need a hand planning the perfect vacation for the whole family, check out these handy pointers below:

Plan with everyone 

Ok, so this might not sound like a great option, as you know, the saying 'too many cooks.' However, to get the right balance, everyone needs to have some input. To keep it controlled, let everyone list what is important to them on the trip. You could even ask for destination ideas and, of course, determine what everyone's budget is before suggesting ideas. 

Choose accommodation to suit the family

If you're taking a trip with extended family, the accommodation needs to suit your lifestyle. You want to have options that include space for free time, so you don't feel on top of each other during your stay. Examples such as the Solterra resort are the ideal option for multigenerational trips. The large villa layout and fantastic themed interiors make it the perfect place to keep the kids entertained. Plus, many villa options include home theatre rooms, cozy spaces, and all the essentials for a luxury home-from-home experience. 

Select the perfect destination 

As you'll have people of all ages on your trip, getting the destination right is key. Think about what attractions and amenities are close by so you don't just cater to one age group. While there may be a theme park nearby, try and choose a location where there is something for adults to enjoy, such as restaurants, gardens, and museums. The destination might also be subject to temperature preferences, as elders may not like it too hot. Still, the kids want ample time to play outside and enjoy the good weather. 

Be realistic 

One of the most challenging aspects of getting a multigenerational vacation perfect is ensuring everyone has realistic expectations. No one person will be completely happy with everything that is planned, but compromise is key. Setting some ground rules in the planning phase can help manage these expectations and ensure everyone has a fair say in the ideas. You may even find that some family members want to go with the flow, so that'll be easier to handle. 

Plan childcare every so often 

A vacation should be relaxing for everyone, and that includes adults and kids. While you're holidaying with others, it can be easy for someone to take the role of watching the kids. Even if they don't mind, taking a break can give everyone time to recuperate. Every so often, plan some resort childcare into the day or book kids clubs so the children can run wild for a few hours, and the adults can chill.