No one can deny that technology has revolutionized the way we live and work. Hadn't it been for smartphones, tablets, and cloud computing, life would have never been the way it is. However, the intriguing thing to note about technology is, it has just started. Although we are living in a digital age, yet there is a lot more to come. Whatever we used to read in science fiction, seems to take the shape of a reality every day as technology continues to progress. There are so many technologies to discuss that narrowing down the list to just ten is a tough task. Continue reading to know about them:

1.  Google Glass

There's no shying away from the fact that augmented reality has become a major part of our lives in the form of education apps and simulated experiments. However, Google is going the extra mile to join hands with Google glass. The most interesting thing about Google glass is, you can go through your social media profiles along with taking photos and being navigated with a GPS on your phone. Furthermore, you are also entitled to the latest updates when you're on the ground.

2.  Oculus Rift

If you are a fanatic gaming dude, the Oculus rift is here to serve you. It is a form of virtual reality gaming that has the entire world swooning over it. The mind-boggling 3D headsets allow you to feel the environment of the game when you're playing it. Once you put on these glasses, you can easily go through the virtual world by feeling everything that is going on inside. Although there are multiple products in the market that can help you in having his experience at $300 only, rift lets you have an experience of a lifetime.

3.  Eye Tribe

Eye-tracking is widely debated across the world and has always been the central point of discussion of IT enthusiasts for a long time. Thanks to Eye Tribe for breaking the stereotypes and giving the world a system that was needed for a long time. You can play games, control your tablet, and even slice fruits in different games with the movement of your eyes. The mechanism is simple, it is aggregating the eye-tracking technology and ingesting it with a front-facing camera. However, it is important to note, the company is still looking for ways to bring this high tech in the market.

4.  Firefox OS

Android and IOS are amazing, but both of them work according to their rules and policies. With so many restrictions on most browsers, customers are looking for ways through which they have freedom over the web. Mozilla has decided to carve an operating system from scratch and will only focus on what the customer wants. Firefox OS is a modern platform that is built on Gonk and Gaisa softwares. It is an open-source that carries several web technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3.

5.  Parallella

If you think computers won't change, you're wrong! Parallella is all set to change the methods that are used to make modern computers. In simple words, it is going to be a supercomputer for everyone around us. However, this one is an energy-efficient computer that is built for processing archaic software's simultaneously. This means object tracking, speech recognition, and heads up display will become even better with parallella. The project was completed back in 2013 and is all set to change the dynamics of the world.

6.  Form 1

As the name implies, 3D printing has the power to transition your digital designs into real-life products. Although this idea is not new to the printing world, the 3D printer itself is a revolutionary idea. This way, everyone can create customized products according to their preferences. Furthermore, it also doesn't require any approval from the manufacturer. Ever heard of the James Bond Martin? The famous product in the movie was also 3D printed. Form 1 is a personal 3D printer, which is easily available for $2799.

7.  Leap Motion

Yes, the multi-touch display bombed because of its prolonged use with the entire hands. However, Leap's motion has something unique to offer. Leap Motion has come up with an interesting feature that is common to every gadget today. With leap motion, users can navigate the motion of the screen through their fingertips. This way, they don't have to worry about navigating the entire screen with both of their hands. You can control the web page, edit a picture, zoom in the map, etc.

8.  Web Apps

A web application is a client-server program that works in a web browser. The method behind developing web apps was to facilitate customers who are looking for products and services online. Ten years ago, the need for mobile web apps was not as much as it is today. This is the main reason why a lot of aspiring developers are enrolling in the Angular Js Course to learn professional skills. Hadn't it been for web apps, many businesses would have never seen the light of the day. Web-apps not only facilitate customers but also leave a good impact on the company in their minds.

9.  SmartThings

The only problem with many tech devices is they are standalone and don't connect with the devices around them. Tech experts are currently working for ways through which they can draw a connection between each one of them. The benefit of SmartThings is, you can get your humidity levels, smoke alarms, and pressure in control with the help of your phone. Most people adhere to SmartThings because they save time and a lot of money. You can even track who's inside of your house when you're on vacation.

10.  Project Fiona

This is the first generation of gaming tablet but since then has been updated many times. If you're a gaming pro on tablet, project Fiona is your thing. Now, tech companies are coming with their tablets, built for gaming reasons. Although this project is old, no one can deny that it has opened the floodgates to so many tech devices coming in. If you have an old version of this device, you can churn to the latest version with the Core i7 processor.