Tuesday, April 21, 2015 News for a Mobile Generation



Prostate Cancer Could Be Treated With Ovarian Cancer Drug

Apr 21, 2015 04:36 PM EDT

New research suggests men with prostate cancer could benefit from the drug olaparib, which is the first cancer drug to target inherited traits.

Gas Emission

Global Warming Progressing At 'Moderate' Rate, Study Finds

Apr 21, 2015 04:23 PM EDT

A new study suggests global warming progressing at a moderate rate, and has not reached a level of "worst case scenario."

Tabletop Particle Detector Could Lead To Coveted Neutrino Mass Measurement

Apr 21, 2015 03:31 PM EDT

Scientists developed a new tabletop particle detector that can identify single electrons in radioactive gas


Yogurt Might Not Be As Healthy As We Thought It Was

Apr 21, 2015 03:12 PM EDT

A Spanish study determined there was no link between regular yogurt consumption and improved physical or mental health.


Autism Not Linked To MMR Vaccine, Even In High-Risk Children

Apr 21, 2015 02:42 PM EDT

The large-scale study backed up past evidence that there is no linke betweent the MMR vaccine and autism spectrum disorder.

The ESA captured a stunning image of the Thor's Helmet nebula.

Thor's Helmet Nebula Captured In Chaotic Image

Apr 21, 2015 02:25 PM EDT

The European Space Agency captured an image of a "messy" nebula.

Chemical phase map shows how the electrochemical discharge of iron fluoride microwires.

Battery Imaging Technique Could Lead To Improved Renewable Energy

Apr 21, 2015 01:25 PM EDT

This breakthrough could help improve energy storage in fields such as portable electronics and electric microgrids.

Sleep apnea

Atrial Fibrillation Risk Could Be Reduced Through CPAP Use In Patients With Sleep Apnea

Apr 20, 2015 06:58 PM EDT

New research shows continuous positive airway pressure often reduced the recurrence of atrial fibrillation in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Vampire squids have active sex lives.

Vampire Squids Have Unique Sex Lives

Apr 20, 2015 06:14 PM EDT

Scientists discovered vampire squids have a sex life unlike any other known cephalopods.

breast cancer

Breast Cancer Outcomes Poorer In African American Women

Apr 20, 2015 05:38 PM EDT

Researchers found African American women with estrogen-receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer generally had poorer outcomes than European Americans.

A female baboon from Kenya, reveals her bright red swollen bottom.

Baboons Don't Prefer Mates With Larger Bottoms After All

Apr 20, 2015 05:14 PM EDT

Female baboons are known for their large red bottoms that are used to attract mates, but new research suggests males might not prefer curvier ladies.

petting cat

Pets Can Transmit Infections, Parasites To Humans

Apr 20, 2015 04:38 PM EDT

New research shows pets can transmit illnesses to people, and this phenomenon can be especially dangerous for those with weakened immune systems.

Certain drugs were able to promote remyelination in mouse models of multiple sclerosis.

Athlete's Foot Cream Could Be A Breakthrough Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis

Apr 20, 2015 04:17 PM EDT

An antifungal and a steroid drug that are already on the market could be used to treat multiple sclerosis.

An artist's depiction of the accretion of a thick ring of dust into a supermassive black hole.

Supermassive Black Hole Merger Proven By Flickering Light

Apr 20, 2015 03:13 PM EDT

Scientists direct evidence of a pulsing quasar that could prove the existence of the merge of two black holes into close-orbiting binaries.

The new frog has a unique call and characteristics.

Glassfrog With Visible Organs Discovered In Costa Rica (VIDEO)

Apr 20, 2015 01:14 PM EDT

Scientists discovered a new species of glassfrog on the Caribbean slopes of Costa Rica.

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