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Altruism: Researchers Get To The Root Of What Makes Humans Act Selflessly

Aug 28, 2014 07:11 PM EDT

Researchers looked at what factors are linked to altruism.

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Microbiome Study: People Influence Germ Populations Around Them

Aug 28, 2014 06:17 PM EDT

Researchers looked at how people affected microbiome populations in their own homes.


Paleo-Eskimo Genetic Study Reveals Settlement History Of New World Arctic

Aug 28, 2014 04:18 PM EDT

Researchers gained insight into an ancient culture that mysteriously disappeared.

Researchers calculated megadrought risk in the southwestern U.S.

'Megadrought' Could Strike Southwestern U.S. For 30 Years

Aug 28, 2014 03:46 PM EDT

Researchers used a computer program to predict the chance of huge droughts.


Sun's Power Observed For First Time Thanks To Strange Neutrinos

Aug 28, 2014 03:08 PM EDT

Researchers looked at a core process of the Sun for the first time.

The amoeba causes fatal brain swelling.

Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Louisiana Parish Drinking Water

Aug 28, 2014 02:29 PM EDT

There have only been four known survivors of the infection since the 1970s.

"Acropora globiceps coral listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. This species occurs in the Indo-Pacific; within US waters it occurs in Guam, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Pacific Remoste Island Areas and American Samoa."

NOAA Lists 20 New Coral As Threatened Under Endangered Species Act

Aug 28, 2014 12:53 PM EDT

The coral are located in the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean.


Genome Of Humans, Flies, And Worms Compared In Search For New Cancer Treatment

Aug 28, 2014 12:14 PM EDT

Researchers created a comprehensive genome map that could lead to new treatments.

"An individual (on the right) yawned during a resting period. b. A few seconds later, the subject (on the left) yawned contagiously."

Wolves Feel Empathy? Yawning Study Suggests They Do

Aug 27, 2014 05:12 PM EDT

Researchers looked at whether or not wolves caught yawns from each other.

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Bad Memories Morphed Into Good Ones With A Burst Of Light

Aug 27, 2014 04:46 PM EDT

In the future bad memories could potentially be changed into pleasant ones.


Prostate Cancer Fears? Eat 10 Tomatoes A Week For A Lower Risk

Aug 27, 2014 04:03 PM EDT

A hearty dose of tomatoes could reduce prostate cancer risk.

Polypterus senegalus resemble ancient fish that developed into tetrapods.

Walking Fish Raised On Land Reveal Secrets Of Vertebrate Evolution (VIDEO)

Aug 27, 2014 03:07 PM EDT

Researchers looked at how walking fish moved differently if they were raised only on land to gain insight into the development of limbs.

"A Fermilab scientist works on the laser beams at the heart of the Holometer experiment. The Holometer will use twin laser interferometers to test whether the universe is a 2-D hologram."

Are We Living In A 2-D Hologram Like Characters On A Screen?

Aug 27, 2014 02:34 PM EDT

Researchers are looking into whether or not our world is an illusion.

The fossil represents the oldest muscles ever seen by science.

Oldest Muscles In The World Found In Fossil Of Jellyfish-Like Creature

Aug 27, 2014 12:36 PM EDT

Researchers found evidence of muscles before the Cambrian Explosion

"A Lewy body (stained brown) in a brain cell of the substantia nigra in Parkinson's disease. The brown colour is positive immunohistochemistry staining for alpha-synuclein."

Parkinson's Patients Shouldn't Be Excluded From Deep Brain Stimulation Because Of Age

Aug 27, 2014 11:43 AM EDT

Older Parkinson's patients do not appear to have a higher risk of deep brain stimulation complications than younger ones.

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