ConnecTV announced that it is buying analytics and TV guidance startup TweetTV to gain more features in social TV.

The Silicon Valley-based company is looking to add more analytics features to its network, which lets people use an iOS app to watch, create and share six-second video clips of TV shows, according to TechCrunch. Neither company revealed details about the deal. ConnecTV, however, did say that the deal will allow users to easily discover and share "social" shows.

ConnecTV is also releasing ClipADS, a new service that brands and agencies can use to create and share short video ads on different media websites that link to longer videos and product information.

"ConnecTV together with TweetTV creates the most powerful social experience for TV fans - a unique combination of TV guidance and social TV entertainment," said Ian Aaron, CEO of ConnecTV. "For brands and networks the big data filtering and reporting capabilities of TweetTV integrated with ConnecTV's viral advertising ClipADS provide a unique advantage in targeting social TV fans with the most relevant, engaging and measurable marketing experience."

ConnecTV was founded in 2010 and has been looking to "socialize" TV programs in its partnerships with Cox Media Corp., Belo Corp., E.W. Scripps, Gannett Broadcasting, Hearst Television and Media General, TechCrunch reported.

With ConnecTV's new deal, users will be able to filter trending and guidance data by show, genre, stars, keyword and hash tags and link that information to TV shows. They will be able to share live clips on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and other platforms, Multichannel News reported.

"TweetTV is built for business partners - our suite of tools can be plugged into any connected TV platform, app or website to add a powerful socially-driven layer of intelligence and presentation," said Bradley Markham, founder of TweetTV.

The Austin, Tex.-based company was founded in 2011, and has raised about $750,000 in angle funding since then.