Most engagement rings feature a stone in the center, usually a diamond or another precious stone. While a diamond is the most popular choice in the United States, there are many other great choices for a center stone. Another popular clear gemstone is moissanite because it has incredible brilliance and is more affordable than a diamond. If you want to buy an engagement but don't know what gemstone to pick for the center stone, here is a comparison between diamonds and moissanite. 


Mined diamonds come in multiple colors, from icy-white to yellow and darker hues. Diamonds are like snowflakes; no two are identical. Their colors vary according to the environmental factors they grew in. White and clear diamonds are the most popular options for engagement rings. 

Moissanite is a gem originated from space meteorites, and therefore it isn't naturally found on Earth. Therefore, all moissanite gems are created in labs because it's impossible to source them from space. Since they're grown in labs, it's easier to control and regulate them to achieve the desired results. The moissanite gems available nowadays are colorless. 


The harder a gemstone is, the more difficult it is to chip or scratch it. No gemstone is indestructible, but some are more durable and harder than others, and therefore better choices for engagement rings that are highly exposed to wear and tear. Moissanite is rated as a 9.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, while diamond is ranked a 10. 


Brilliance (or the gem's ability to reflect light) is a way to determine how sparkling a gem is. The gemstone's refraction influences its brilliance. Moissanite rings and jewelry have higher light refraction than diamond jewelry and appear more brilliant. Also, moissanite is less likely to attract dirt and grease thanks to its crystalline structure, making it easier to keep it sparkly.      


Moissanite engagement rings are more affordable than diamond ones because the demand for diamonds is higher in the United States. A diamond's price varies according to factors like carat, clarity, cut, and other similar ones. Moissanite's price is usually the same and differs only according to the shape and size of the stone. 

How to select a moissanite stone?

Diamonds are graded on the 4C's scale (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat) and moissanites only on color. Most moissanites have the same grade of clarity and cut, but some providers offer premium gemstones that are nearly colorless and comparable to a G or H on the diamonds' 4C's scale. Because moissanite stones are created in labs, ensure the source is ethical and environmentally friendly. 

A common thought when considering a moissanite stone for the engagement ring is whether or not it'll pair well with the other jewelry your partner usually wears. Moissanites look beautiful with most kinds of accessories due to their clear color, so the choice of the band requires greater care. 

Bottom line

As you can see, moissanite gemstones are more affordable choices than diamonds, considering that they have similar properties with the most loved gemstone of the moment.