Software developers are exploring career opportunities in the latest, emerging industries. According to recent data, software development is one of the most in-demand professions of 2021. After all, there are over 26 million software engineers currently working across the globe. This requires programmers to work in future-proof, revolutionary industries to stay ahead of the job competition. As a software developer yourself, working in these industries helps you become a versatile employee, adapt to changing needs, and focus on constant innovation. To effectively get started today, read on to learn about the software developers exploring opportunities in emerging new industries.

Government & Defense

First off, many software developers have found success in the government and defense industries. Local municipalities, state governments, and federal agencies all require advanced software products to manage their daily operations. In addition, these industries are focused on recruiting professionals that are skilled in cyber security and online defense. Therefore, this is an excellent job market for software cyber security professionals and engineers. For programmers with strong technical skills, persistence, and determination, these careers are an excellent opportunity to explore. Certainly, many software developers have found career success in the government and defense sector.

Custom Application Design & Development

At the same time, many professional programmers have found work in custom application design and development. Experts in this field work to design, develop, deploy, and distribute custom software products. In addition, they will be tasked with working with the latest development tools, programming resources, and supporting technologies. For example, many software engineers use container registries by JFrog as a single access point to manage, organize, and control all of your Docker images. Of course, these solutions provide consistent, reliable, and efficient access with integration to your build ecosystem. Plus, you can employ these resources to scan for vulnerabilities, then make patches as needed. Moreover, these tools help to optimize authentication and digital access control. Definitely, the custom software design and development holds an abundance of opportunities for programming enthusiasts.

Aerospace Manufacturing & Development

In addition, explore innovative, revolutionary careers in aerospace manufacturing, development, and engineering. In this fast-paced field, programmers work with software products that are smaller components of much larger systems. Of course, products in this sector are heavily-focused on accuracy and precision. Typically, this requires heavily studying system requirements, programming languages, and operating systems. Working in this field, developers will be tasked with building advanced aviation, space, and navigational software products. Of course, this enables you to work in an industry that is constantly revolutionizing and innovating. Surely, aerospace manufacturing and development are incredible job opportunities to work in as a software developer.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Next, artificial intelligence and machine learning are exciting new industries for custom software developers. Essentially, these programmers integrate AI and ML into custom software applications. Generally speaking, these roles are focused on building artificial logic, algorithms, and functionality into information technology (IT) projects. At the same time, these professionals work to convert ML application programming interfaces (APIs) into usable systems. Working in the AI industry, you can foster operational productivity, constant engagement, and facilitate stronger security. Indeed, AI and ML are great industries for software development professionals.

Online Security & Data Protection

Of course, many experienced software developers have found work in jobs related to online security and data protection. Simply, security engineers are responsible for implementing and following advanced security techniques in compliance with standards. Additionally, they are tasked with delivering on-going security inspections, static code analyses, and vulnerability scanning. Certainly, this is vital to secure system architectures, protect technical documents, and safeguard sensitive information. Plus, these positions help organizations prevent catastrophic corporate emergencies, inspire stakeholder confidence, and maintain a superior user experience (UX). Absolutely, online security and data protection are great career paths for custom software developers.

There are several software developers exploring programming opportunities in exciting, fast-paced industries. First and foremost, consider high-paying, rewarding careers in government and defense. In addition, check out careers in aerospace manufacturing and development. At the same time, many engineers have continued to work in custom software design and development. Typically, this requires you to be well-versed in numerous coding architectures, such as the popular Python language. Next, artificial intelligence and machine learning is a great field for programming professionals to explore. Of course, many experienced software engineers work in careers related to cyber defense, online security, and data protection. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the software developers exploring opportunities in exciting new industries.