Mental health is considered more serious among college students today than any prior generation. Gen Z is more likely to reach out when they're struggling, and it's creating a huge cultural shift about the way students address their mental health. In response, telehealth services are becoming more popular and creating direct paths to hope and healing for people who may have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Thanks to digital interventions, you can get therapy to real professionals on your time from the comfort of your own room. It's confidential and much more affordable than traditional counseling, so there's no reason not to consider downloading one of these apps if you're interested in talking to someone about your struggles. Bear in mind that therapy is different for everyone, and no two therapists are alike. You are always allowed to change your mind, say no to something or switch to another provider if yours isn't helping. Now, let's review three of the best mental health apps for college students in 2021. You'll want these saved so you always know where to turn when you need guidance.


Talkspace is the leading provider of virtual therapy. They work with hundreds of licensed counselors and psychologists to deliver real-time treatment directly to your smartphone. Video chatting, phone calls and texting are all viable ways for you to reach out and get some guidance or support. You are also able to narrow your search and find a therapist whose professional specialties align with your preferences and needs such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and LGBTQ therapy.

One caveat is that this app is not suitable for someone dealing with severe mental health issues. These can be classified as symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions, active self-harm, addiction treatment and suicidal thoughts. While reaching out to someone may be able to give you an idea on what to do next, you should be seeking in-person services for these types of problems.


Taking care of your mental health requires routine check-ins. Just like you have to pay attention to things like body weight and muscle mass when you're getting in shape, you need to be aware of your moods, thoughts and emotions to improve your mental health. Moodfit is a free app that allows you to identify your current struggles and begin keeping track of your moods and triggers. Through such exercise, you become more self-aware and capable of preventing symptoms from worsening and feeling helpless to stop them.

Moodfit is also a good way to begin managing stress if you find yourself frequently feeling weighed down, unmotivated and even burnt out. College students today live in a social and politically stressful cultural climate and technology is a central role in day-to-day life; you can learn more about the risks they face in a guide that details stressors that Gen Z face, as the new generation of college students. This guide is a valuable tool for understanding the way life is hard for Gen Z students and recognizing the unique challenges they face.


Headspace is the world's most popular meditation app, and it's filled with guided meditations and breathing exercises to help you unlock your inner zen. There are some programs for free, but you can unlock the full app by signing up for a subscription. Meditation is a great way to begin calming your thoughts and naturally managing difficult emotions, thoughts and stress. You can download Headspace today and try it completely free, so why not give it a shot before bed or during your next break?