Top 5 Farm Seed Drill of 2016

By Debapriya Dutta Nov 30, 2016 03:36 PM EST
seed drill
Spring seeding of canola (rape seed) by an air till drill in a field of grain stubbleCredit: Mike Grandmaison


Seed drill is one of the essential things in every agricultural farm. It is a sowing device which positions all seeds in perfect place and in proper depth so that no seed get wasted. Moreover, it helps to place every seed in equal distance.

There are various types of seed drills available in the market. Finding the suitable one for your farm is not an easy task. Here are the best seed drills in the market today

1.      Kuhn SDE 3000:

This is one of the best seed drills. It has enough capacity to carry 740 liters fertilizer. Because of having a 100hp powerful engine it can place each and every seed in proper depth and proper place. Upgrade your agricultural farm with this popular seed drill to harvest more plants.

2.      Duncan Ag Enviro 3000E:

Duncan is one of the very famous brand names who makes seed drills. Its triple disc model and citing contour have made it unique from others. Buy this famous seed drill to harvest more plants and make a huge profit.

3.      Kuhn SD4000:

This is another great creation by Kuhn. After SDE3000 it is the latest model which includes more powerful engines, useful features, and configurations. Buy it for your farm to make a huge profit.

4.      Allen Custom Drill H-D 6000:

This is one of the biggest seed drills which is specially designed to use in a bigger field. The machine itself is six meters long. You get warm service from this company. Update your agriculture farm with this seed drill to get better results.

5.      4AG Titan 6300 roller:

This is one of the best seed drills which are compared with other seed drills. It has roller setup. Upgrade your farm with this seed drill without thinking it twice.