How to Earn 3500 Swagbucks Points a Day?

By Cresswell McCoy Nov 30, 2016 10:05 AM EST
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There are options on Swagbucks to earn SBs by taking up surveys, answering polls, watching videos and many more. Apart from these there are also ways that will easily help in earning around 3500 SBs per day.

It does seems like a huge number to earn in a day but the fact is that this could be done through an easy process, setting aside the Amazon gift cards. One of the most efficient ways to earn 3500 SBs is by opting for the Discover Deals.

This option helps Swagbucks users to discover new deals that are up and running every day. By simply clicking on the Discover Deals option Swagbucks gives a number of offers from their trusted survey partners.

The minimum earning potential of SBs will range from 20 to 3500. With companies like Kiwi Wall, Radium One and many more this earning could be made easily as per Swagbucks

For example while Discovering Deals there are alternatives like Revenue Universe, which offers 3500 SBs in one shot. Trial Play provides around 2600 SBs and Fyber around 1300 SBs. These deals might be taken lightly by many users until they discover the fact that it is one quick way to earn a huge amount of Swagbucks SBs in a day.

The time to answer and complete might be a little longer than the short survey and daily poll, which is totally understandable because the more time the more SBs can be earned.

According to Magnify Money, once you click on any of these options, Swagbucks will take you to the special offers from that particular company. There the options are clear and easy to use. What should be understood is that not always there might be chances of getting 3500 but it is more likely to happen once the chosen task in complete. 

This easy method of Discovering Deals will not only provide a huge knowledge of the subject but also in return adds SBs to your account. 




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