Top 5 Samsung Smartphones of 2016

By Debapriya Dutta Nov 30, 2016 08:56 AM EST
Samsung galaxy
Man holding ZEISS VR ONE virtual reality VR plastic goggles with bracket for Samsung Galaxy S5 Android smartphone, Caaaaardboard! app for Android on the screenCredit: Christian Dworschak

Samsung is one of the most famous brands in the electronic world. Every year, Samsung releases electronic devices that never fail to meet customers' satisfaction.

As 2016 about to end, we will give you a post-view of all the gadgets that the Korean tech giant released this year.

This year, Samsung incorporated so many amazing features in their smartphones. Irrespective of all configurations, Samsung has beaten the best in the tech market and prevailed to be in the top spot amid the challenges it face.

Here are the top gadgets that Samsung introduced to us this year.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

This is the best creation by Samsung in 2016. The tech giant designed this with the latest technology, premium hardware, elegant look and lots of amazing features.

Aside from being fully water resistant, S7 Edge includes 4GB RAM, 32Gb built-in memory, micro SD card slot, unique image quality with high resolution, HD video quality, LED flash, durable battery and so on.

But the most attractive feature of S7 Edge is its 5.5-inch dual curve display. S7 Edge is better than all of its predecessors.

2.  Samsung Galaxy 7:

After S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 is the best model released by Samsung this year. Its unique display, camera, expandable memory and built-in memory have made it as among the best smartphones in the world.

Samsung does not make mobile phones for a certain group of people in society. That's why it has achieved huge fame all over the world. Galaxy S7 is an easy buy for all. This model supports Samsung Pay and Virtual Reality headset.

3. Galaxy S7 Active:

The name itself says that how it is. Yes, this is one of the active and most popular smartphone designed by Samsung. Its long-term durable battery and large display have it unique from others.

If the question comes to comparison then obviously this handset will win in every respect. Accordingly, based on users' ratings and reviews, this model in undoubtedly one of the best releases by Samsung this year.

4. Samsung Galaxy J3:

Samsung offers all high-quality features like iPhones and others for an affordable price. This model is not so expensive, but everyone can enjoy the features like any other high-end Samsung smartphones.

It has super AMOLED display, a quad-core processor, 4G LTE connectivity, and Android Marshmallow OS. This set became very popular after its release and now considered as one of the highly-sought phones the market.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

It includes so many amazing and unique features such as a gorgeous display, stunning camera, built-in wireless charging, S-pen stylus and so on. Large screen phones have always high demand and undoubtedly Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best releases in 2016. 



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