Best Overhead Projecttors of 2016

By Amit Meta Nov 30, 2016 08:15 AM EST
Digital projector

A projector is one of the most essential devices in any office. If you are looking for a projector, read on as we discuss the top five projectors that offer outstanding features with high-quality output.

With the advent of technology, HD projectors become common nowadays. With their high definition outputs comes with affordable prices.

Here are the top five overhead projectors in the market today:

1. Philips PicoPix PPX 2055 

Over the years, Philips holds their position on top manufacturer of portable projectors. Philip's PicoPix is small to easily fit on your briefcase or jacket pocket. Its dimension is only 2.8''X2.8''x1.1'' (W x D x H) with around quarter of a pound weight. You can connect easily PicoPix on laptop, PC, or tablets via USB cable. It includes LED technology that delivers rich and crisp images with no warm-up needed.

2. Epson EX 7235 Pro No nonsense.

Epson EX 72335 is very portable and convenient too that you can carry it everywhere. It weighs at 5.29 pounds with 11.7''X9.0''X3.0" dimension. Unlike others, this projector can easily be booted, needing only around 30 secs to startup. It also supports USB, Wi-Fi, VGA, HDMI or mobile MHL.

3. ViewSonic Pro 8600 and pro 8250HD

The main advantage of these projectors are good audio and very bright output. These ViewSonic projectors render HD output. If you compare Pro 8600 with pro8250HD, the video output of Pro 8250 is much better than Pro8600. Weighing 8.5 pounds for both device and dimension is also very much similar 13.1"x10.4"x4.8" (W x D x H).

4. Optoma ML550

It is not only the smallest projector under this discussion, it is also the most-sought overhead projectors especially those video lovers. It weighs almost 0.83 pounds with palm-sized 4.1''x4.1''x1.5'' (W x D x H). It has port rich with one MHL-ready HDMI, USB 2.0, a universal I/o slot and micro SD card slot. This projector produces an impressive output on 60 or 90 inches screen.

5. Sony VPL-FHZ55

It best positioned on a ceiling. This projector needs some more spaces around 11.5 feet away from the screen and minimum 80-inch screen required. The right-hand side is a full set of BNC/component inputs, an RGB D-sub 15-pin slot, DVI-D, monitor output and an HDMI input.



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