Earn $15 Amazon Gift Cards via Swagbucks Every Month

By Cresswell McCoy Nov 29, 2016 01:26 PM EST
Amazon's gift card in a Chinese supermarket. Amazon, the US...
Amazon's gift card in a Chinese supermarket. Amazon, the US e-commerce group, is struggling to competing with Chinese rivals Alibaba and JD.com

Earning SBs on Swagbucks seems an easy task but getting those Amazon gift cards up to $15 a month requires a technique. Here is an easy method to get $15 worth gifts cards on Amazon almost every month through Swagbugs.

The easiest method of acquiring these gift cards is by calculating how many Swagbucks you need to earn every day. Earning these SBs should also be done by taking advantage of the unlimited potential of earning through the Swagbucks website.

Make sure to answer the Daily Polls that is also available on Swagbucks app. By doing this you can earn around 30 SBs every day, according to Emma Drew.

Browse the "No Obligation Special Offers". This will provide around 2 SBs per day but at the end of the month you can earn around 60 Swagbucks. It is a simple way to make progress to get hold of the $15 gift card.

Swagbucks Search Engine - The Swagbucks search engine provides its users with the chance to get up to 10 SBs, at the end of the month. 300 SBs could be earned with ease as per Survey Chris.

Opt for the huge SB payouts, this opportunity allows its users to get around 30 SBs per day by taking up a 5 to 20 minute Swagbucks Survey.

Randomly playing videos through the Swagbucks app will provide more that 1000 SBs per month. Apart from these there are also other options to earn more SBs every month, since Swagbucks gives options for unlimited earnings these are just the easiest ways to gain Amazon gift cards every month.

The Swagbucks Daily Crave helps to discover new content and it also provides around 1 SB every day. When all these options are considered and put to use at the end of the month there are high possibilities to ear around $15 worth Amazon gift cards. If those gift cards are collected till the end of the year then users have the option to shop for $180. 




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