Top 10 Best Sports Cameras in 2016

By Debapriya Dutta Oct 19, 2016 03:34 PM EDT
Top 10 best sports camera in 2016

In today’s sporting world, one single moment can change the entire game. With teams battling out against one another, the action taking place is intense and that makes it all the more important to capture the footages.

It goes without saying that a normal digital camera won’t suffice and so you need a camera which is engineered to fight the elements and still produce ineffable picture and video quality.

When talking about sports action cameras in 2016, they differ greatly in ruggedness, specs and cost. Water and dust proofs are also features that most photographers look for in cameras.

Most of the top cameras in 2016 may be small in size, but they can certainly ditch it out against the elements and produce great results.

Here are the Top 10 sports cameras in 2016:

1. Sports Camera, SOOCOO 4K Action Camera 20MP


This amazing sports camera comprises of an outstanding 2 inch screen and makes way for 170 degree wide angle lens for capturing mind-boggling visuals. Users can shoot 2K at about 30fps, Blue-ray at 60fps and 4K at about 24fps. The camera has a couple of 1050mAh which makes way for 70 mins of shooting. The maximum storage space for this camera is 128GB. The camera is also very durable and will function without issues even testing environments. The camera also has in building Wi-Fi and when you download ZSANYCAM on your Android and IOS devices, you can easily check the contents shot or captured.

2. VicTsing Sports Action Camera, 2.0 Inch 1080P HD

This camera comprises of a 2 inch screen and offers wide angle shooting up to 170 degrees. Its complete battery life can last up to 90 mins in total and users can shoot 1080pHD content in 30fps. The camera comprises of Ip68 water resistant case which makes the unit functions even beneath 30 meters of water. This camera is compatible with the 32GB SD card. Users can record video at 720p HD up to 8 hours and 1080pHD up to 5 straight hours. Dimensions and weight measure-7.7x4.2x3.3inches and 1.1pounds respectively!

3. ICONNTECHS IT Ultra HD 4K Sport Action Camera

The camera offers numerous viewing angles such as 70-170 degree and it ICONNTECHS IT recorder eliminates red light occurrences. This camera consists of 6 glasses to enhance sensitivity of light, manage white balance and also lessen background exposure. The camera makes way for superlative 4K recording and it also quite durable in tough working environments. Its battery is 1050mAh li-on in nature. The camera also functions 30m under water.

4. Sports Camera, Levin Action Camera 2.0 Inch 170 Degree Ultra-wide Angle Lens Full HD 1080p 12MP



The camera along with its 170 degree wide angle zooming lens allows shooting 1080p HD @ 30fps, 720pHD @60fps. It has a 2 inch display screen and inbuilt microphone and image stabilizer for clarity filled images. Battery capacity is 900mAh, dimensions are 59.3x24.6x41.1mm and cyclic recording and motion detection accounts for its additional features.


5. Lightdow LD4000 1080P HD Sports Action Camera Bundle with DSP: NT96650 Chip

The camera comprises of NOVATEK chip having NT96650 feature and that makes way for superlative quality and outstanding vision. The camera hosts a 12MP camera, allowing 1080pHD shooting at 30 and 720pHD at 30fps. The camera is sturdy in its nature and can function 30m under water. Its zoom range is 4X, video format offered is MOV and its zooming feature also comprises of anti-shock features. Battery capacity is 900mAh, weight is 0.06kg and dimension measure-67x40x23mm.

6. Oback (TM) 2.0 Inch Full HD 1080p Sport Action Camcorder 170°Wide-angle Glass

This stunning 2 inch sports camera with 170 degree wide angle glass is also compatible with both iOS as well as Android devices.The camera is water resistant and is also adequate for tough shooting situations.Shoots excellent pictures even in low lights! Its dimension measure 60x41x24.7mm and its weight is 74g. The camera hosts a mass storage driver!

7. Cymas Full HD 1080P 2.0 Inch Sports Action Camera with 16 Accessories

This 2.0 inch sports camera with 170 degree wide zooming camera allows shooting for 90 minutes. It allows 1080pHD shooting at 30fps videos. The battery's ability ensures 5 hours of 1080pHD recording and 8hours of 720pHD recording. Can function even when submerged under water for about 30meters! Its storage capacity is 8-32GB and is easily portable owing to its light weight nature. It hosts 6 layers of glass for sharper image capturing and its dimension measure 9.1x5x3.9inches. The weight is 1.1pounds.

8. HD 1080P MJPEG 2 inch LCD IP68 30m Waterproof Sports Action Camera DVR


This camera is versatile and allows you to shoot in all kinds of different environments, even 30m below water. Hosts 140 degree super wide angle lens which enables you to capture even the smallest of details! Dimension measure-10x4.8x2.4inches and weight is 12.8 ounces. Battery ability is 900mAh its texture indicates cooling ABS.


9. Campark ® 4K 30fps Wi-Fi Ultra HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera, SONY Sensor

With the help of the Sony IMX 179 sensor, this camera allows you to record ultra 4K footage in just 30fps. Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to connect with smartphones at 10m range. The display screen is 2inches and with its superb battery capability, you will be able to shoot for about 90mins at a stretch. Battery is 900mAh. Plus the camera also operates 30m underneath the water surface.


10. AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera


Last in this list is this stunning 12MP and 170degree wide angle zooming lens which also functions 30meters below the water surface. The unit comprises of 1050mAh batteries each having the ability to record 90mins of videos at a stretch. It comprises of in-build HDMI and Wi-Fi and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Dimension measure-4.25x4.3x9.8inches.

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