10 Funny Halloween Costumes for Men in 2016, Number 8 is Crazy

By Staff Reporter Oct 18, 2016 01:18 PM EDT

Most people that are going to a Halloween party for adults will probably show up on their Dracula costume or probably a zombie from "Walking Dead." Man, even if that hanging flesh on your face looks real, they know that it is prosthetics and will not scare the crap out of your adult friends.

Well, why not try to be funny instead? Here are the 10 funny Halloween costumes for men in 2016 that will make them laugh out loud.

1. Gorrila Costume. It is one of the most common funny costumes during Halloween. You can make it even funnier with "Get Me Outta This Cage" gorilla costume that makes an illusion of you being caught by a giant ape in a cage.



2. Giant Banana. Since the giant ape is a common funny Halloween costume, why not wear its weakness? Yep, be a giant banana! Choose the flashy one that can make ladies shout and giggle every time you say "hello ladies..."



3. Ostrich Ride. How about entering the venue riding an ostrich? This funny costume creates an illusion that you are actually riding a giant bird. It looks cool and very funny. Your only problem is the bathroom trips.



4. The "But Mommy I Don'T Want To Grow Up" Costume. This is not for the shy person. It draws a lot of attention and will definitely make you the entertainer of the party.



5. Genie in the Lamp. This costume is not just funny but sexier than the banana at number two. You can say "hello ladies" way louder! You must consider your height, though, or you can be mistaken as Mrs. Teapot from the "Beauty and the Beast."


6. Men's Ring Toss. Looking for a funny and interactive costume? "Men's Ring Toss" is the best choice! With this costume, you can surely say hello to all the ladies and ask them to play you, literally.



7. Wanna See My Nuts.  There is a costume that will allow you to legally show your nuts around all throughout the party! While this "Wanna See My Nuts?" costume is totally funny, it is advisable not to drink too much during the party.



8. Cunt Count. If you still want to dress up like Count, this funny Halloween costume will bring everyone down to the floor, rolling in laughter! Just make sure that you are in a party that is for adults only.



9. The Bigfoot. If you cannot find a scary Bigfoot costume, try this costume that is going to make you the biggest foot ever. It is not scary however, it is funny!



10. Corn Costume. Well, this last one is corny. Literally.

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