Top 5 Best Diaper Creams in 2016

By Debapriya Dutta Oct 18, 2016 11:18 AM EDT

Every parent's prime concern is the safety of their babies. They always want to give the best to their little kiddos. Normally, baby skin is very soft and sensitive. That's why they easily get rashes and irritations after using a diaper. Choosing the best diaper cream is not so easy job, especially when thousands are available.

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Here we have summed up some best diaper creams in the market:

1. Era Organics Honeybuns Diaper Balm

Give your baby's skin a full protection with this diaper balm. This product is made with USDA approved ingredients -- sunflower oil, coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil, chamomile, calendula, cocoa butter and many other organic products. This formula provides complete nourishment to baby's delicate skin and helps to keep skin healthy.

2. Burts Bees Baby Multipurpose Ointment

This is one of the best creams available in the market. It is made from 100 percent natural ingredients, which go well with the sensitive skin. Coconut oil and beeswax are the main ingredients. It contains a refreshing pleasant smell. The best part is -- it is a parabens or phthalates free product.

3. Desitin Maximum Strength Original Paste

If you want to give quick relief to your baby from irritation, then use this amazing formula. It is able to cure diaper rash within 12 hours and is clinically proven. It also helps to keep your baby safe from future diaper irritation.

4. Weleda Calendula Baby & Child Diaper Rash Cream

This cream is one of the top choices of every mom. Calendula oil is its' main ingredients. The best part is it is completely free from synthetic materials. Give full protection to your baby with this diaper cream.

5. Boudreaux's Butt Paste

It is one of the most effective diaper creams. It is highly recommended by pediatricians. The formula is developed by a 40-year experienced pharmacist. It does not contain any harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates etc.

Use any one of the above-mentioned diaper creams to provide a full protection to your baby without thinking it twice.